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A woman's skirt.

A lot in this world depends on a girl's skirt size. Wanna know how?

Winston Churchill once said, "A good speech would be like a woman's skirt, Long enough to cover the subject and short enough to create interests". True isn't it? What if we reverse the statement? "A woman's skirt would be like a good speech, if you cover the legs it goes boring and if it is cut short inch by inch, the speech would be interesting. Here are the widest ranges of the skirts and the speeches which adds beauty to them-

1. Maxi/Long-

Man's Good Speeches: Ready for a funeral or for some formal events. The attire makes her look older than her age. She is so boring. She looks more of a jinx. I feel like a blank envelope without an address. My mother looks hotter than her. Being sober is not her taste.

2. Midi/Mid Calf-

Man's Good speeches: These are the worst category of skirts. The ugliest skirts ever, hanging an inch above the heels. She looks like a nun. Far from the glamour, lost in the thoughts of God. Oh God! what's wrong with these ladies, or their legs are full of sod. She is so fashion-backward.

3. Knee/Just below-

Man's Good speeches: The first hair on my chest sprouted when the iota of the skirt is trimmed up. The skirt has now started talking. She is now out of the conservative era and I wish she could tip over messy desks, giving some phonics lessons. The hemline of the skirt is just on the knee-dull stinging like a needle.

4. Mini/ Micro Skirts-

Man's Good speeches: The fashion trends are moving faster, bro! The hemlines are landing beyond imaginations. Finally the punishment is over and I have progressed from 1 chest hair to 3 chest hairs. I wanna be in a bar and dance on the one. Everything feels so right with the world, when one special spot on her leg is above the shin. If the skirt was red-checkered, one can easily have a picnic directly on it. I wanna let her know, my desk is still unclean.

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