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Extra Large in Extra Small or Extra Small in Extra Large.

"Oh Yes! I am the king"

A very late new year post. Sometimes the oddities of life, makes you responsible and sometimes irresponsible. It depends on you what do you choose to accept. ITHOM chose to bring a fresh set of old stories crafted in a bewitching fabric of sustainable understanding. Take a sneak peek and discover yourself.

I met a frog last week, a small frog hopping round and round in my garden, but something unusual happened to that frog, one fine day on a cold morning. The frog unknowingly committed suicide into a well. This suicide didn't rob him of his life but gifted him an entirely new world. Frog was a male, therefore the pronoun 'he' is used to address the frog. To his happiness, none of the creatures there were as big as the frog. The old dwellers feared this new giant frog, while the frog felt more empowered and dominant. Gradually, over the time, he realized, its high time, he declares his monarchy over the well dwellers.

He called upon a meeting of all the timid well dwellers. The scared dwellers included variety of insects, baby frogs, baby trots and some crawling species. The rugged stone at the center of the dried up well, shone brighter than gold. After all it was the the throne to the giant of all and the self-declared king. The king had all the authorities to eat his favorite insects anytime, anywhere. The hardships were finally paying off and the new self-declared king enjoyed his monarchy for many days, when suddenly one day a terrible storm ambushed the well dwellers. A hue and cry was spread everywhere in the well. The smart dwellers took refuge while the others fell prey to the nature's atrocity. The monarch was comfortably sleeping unaware of the natural calamity. Water poured in for hours, but couldn't disturb the devil slumber of the frog. With more and more water poured in, the water level of the well started rising, keeping the king afloat.

The ruler transformed floater, was now out of the well, floating on the transparent waters traversing small ponds, then small lakes, then rivers and then finally the ocean. The carefree frog sensed something unusual after a very long time. But for the frog, it was better never than late, kinda situation. With the eyes wide open, the frog screamed, "Who had the audacity to wake me up of my most desirous slumber?". To reply of which a giant wave splashed on the frog, throwing him an ounce away. He has now completely recovered his senses and felt extremely scared to see an infinite ocean around. Surprised and fearsome frog, looked for any species around and found somebody of his kind 2 miles far. It appeared to be of same size like him from the estimated distance.

The water victimized frog hopped to other one of his kind and screamed in fear, "You are twice the size of me! You are actually extra large to my size". The giant frog smiled and replied, "I am just another extra small creature of an extra large world".

Extra large poor king of an extra small world was now an extra small creature of an extra large world. True, isn't it?

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