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Girl Behind the drum"

Behind the drum

"Ringa-Ringa Roses, a Pocket full of poses", evening sweeteners of the play-ground were at the top of their voices and girls screaming and mimicking their favorite actresses were fluttering around. The play-ground was was so lively with the kids of different age groups that I finally decided to take charge of my camera. But then there was something about this one peculiar girl in the ground, which grabbed my attention. Something, which didn't let me move my lenses in 360 degrees. The moment I saw her fancy smile, I took a pause and then zoomed my attention to this vivacious girl.

I could see a mixture of naughtiness, confidence, innocence, wittiness and the carefree traits in her smile. Her twinkling eyes, appeared to be the most expressive orator, I had ever witnessed. I can bet, her eyes spoke more than her mouth could. So, I decided to watch her till the evening reverberations and resonances come to an halt. Trust me! it was a soothing experience watching her rescuing ants. She left no stone unturned to save them from getting crumbled under the tender footsteps of those small kids playing around. The act of utmost care for those small ants by that chubby girl, took me by surprise. It developed an ardent urge of watching her more and following her like a dedicated fan.

With the blink of an eye, there was a pin drop silence around and I could hear insects buzzing and bumbling. I didn't realize when the play-ground was left isolated by those playing kids. I was so engrossed watching her that my eyes didn't loose sight of that bubbly girl. She was almost done landing the ants on the small muddy mound and was shading away the dust off her hands. When a screeching voice took over the silence of the ground, "Jina, What are you doing on the ground alone? You have home-works to do. Come back home, soon". The girl raised her head, jerked up her shoulders and smiled over her noble deed. I felt like she appreciated herself for making the best of her time.

She slowly started dawdling, trying not to loose focus of those ants she rescued. And I too started walking my way out of the ground trying to capture every act of hers. She has now left the ground but I changed my mind and started following her briskly. I was fortunate enough to locate her house, and I smiled when I realized that she is lives in the close neighborhood. I wondered, "How come I didn't notice her before?" I took a deep breath of sigh and returned back home with picturesque moments.

The very next morning, horns of school buses and the hassles of daily routines made me wide awake. The very first thought was, "She must have left for the school, or uuuhhhh.....may be not". I rushed to the balcony and my eyes started searching for that girl. Buses were plying by, while the children were boarding their respective buses and I was in a different quest of searching that girl I saw last evening. "I guess, she has gone", I spoke to myself with sheer disappointment and turned around walking inside the room. But when I started making my way back to the room, my third eye seemed to work proactively. My heart spoke to me, "She is standing right there, you just failed to notice her". I made a U-turn and peeped down my balcony with great hopes and aspirations. And I smiled, "Yay! there she is". She looked dull and sad. What could be the reason?

After investigating the complete scenario I realized, she happened to miss out her school bus and she didn't want to walk to her school. She was standing there puzzled and confused with a very definite question "What to do next?". Reading her facial expressions and the frowning lines on her forehead, I understood her problem. Her school was quite at a distance, therefore she knew she won't be able to make it school. The way to home was also not the right idea in her case. Because she was scared of the scoldings she would have to go through, if she treads back to home. Cluelessly, she started walking slowly towards her home and I slipped on my clothes to follow her. I made my way through the stairs just to see, "What is she up-to now?". The heart beats are racing, like, What would be her next option?".

Luckily, I reached well on time, she was about to enter the door of her house, when she suddenly stopped in an indistinctive manner. To the extreme left of the entrance door of her house, there was a huge drum, a temporary store house of the household in-grains. She paused as if she was thinking something of that drum with great inquisitiveness. I was wondering, "What this drum has to do now with her not going to school?". No ! this can't be a stupefaction, she is an innocent soul, it looks like she has decided to land at the safest place of the day, i.e., behind the drum.

She tried sneaking in and out, investigating the situation around, as if she doesn't want to be seen or identified in her hide-out. Perhaps! it has been ensured by her petite brain that no-body is watching her and so she made her way behind the drum, securing her skirt and her baggage............................

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