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Lucid Lust and Lousy Love are foes or friends?

2 more Stories----Decide if it's lousy love or lucid lust.

In the remote stretches of Brazilian Highlands, there lived a happy and content couple Maria and Jose Silva. Maria and Jose were recently married and had decided to spend the first year of their marriage far from the hassles of the city, Rio de Janeiro. Both Maria and Jose were professionally sound. Maria was working for a finance firm as an analyst while Jose was into real-estate business. The duo took one year break from work to churn the ecstasy of love. Maria met Jose in a business meeting. The firm which she worked with had signed a contract with Jose's firm some 10 months back. That was the first time when Jose met Maria. Smitten by her beauty, Jose offered her coffee in the very first meeting. The subsequent dates turned out to be more happening and Jose finally proposed Maria in the most exquisite and romantic way.

It happened one day, when Jose's assistant called Maria saying, "Mr. Jose has met with a terrible accident. He might not be able to see again. He has asked for your presence in this dark hour of his". Maria broke into tears and ran to the hospital he was admitted in. Mr. Jose also owns a hospital, Maria was aware of it. She was somehow comforted that the doctors would take the best possible care of him but still the slight thought of Mr. Jose loosing his eyes, quivered Maria from head to toe. She was in a lightning hurry. She called in for a cab, boarded it and requested the driver to drive as fast as he could. Every single minute turned out to be a hill of misery. "Gentleman, please hurry up, my fiance is in Juliana Hospital". The hospital was established in the honor of Jose's mother, who died at a very younger age due to lack of medical facility.

Amongst the busy roads and traffic signals, Maria managed to reach Juliana Hospital. She de-boarded the cab, paid the driver and rushed to the main entrance. To her dismay with extreme happiness, she found Mr. Jose standing outside waiting for her with wide open arms. Tears rolled down Maria's complacent eyes and she rushed to fill the open ambits of Mr. Jose. The closer she advanced to Mr. Jose, the more elated hearts felt. Just a distance of few centimeters were left between them, when Miss. Maria was trashed by an over-speeding car. The fate didn't meet a happy end. Miss Maria was badly injured and streams of blood were oozing out of her body. Agitated at such outrageous sight, Mr. Jose screamed for help and pulled her up in both her arms, stowing her on a carry-bed. The nurses and doctors closed the doors of Intensive Care Unit behind. Since Miss. Maria met with a fatal accident, there were high chances of her damaging the kidneys in this mishap. Doctors declared her kidneys to be functionless and searched their records for any kidney donor to save her life.

Mr. Jose readily, asked the doctors to take away his one kidney and bestow a new life to Miss. Maria. Mr. Jose was admitted on the bed right next to Miss. Julian who was unconscious struggling for life. Mr. Jose repented his stupid idea of calling Miss. Maria to the hospital constructed in the honor of his mother. This hospital had a real importance in Mr. Jose's life and hence he wanted to commence a new life from that place. But the things turned upside down. Apologizing every single second, Mr. Jose prayed for Maria's speedy recovery and gave up on eating until she recovered. Post surgery, Mr. Jose and Miss. Maria remained admitted in the hospital for the next month. Miss Maria started healing in the love and affection of Mr. Jose. Mr. Jose would spend hours sitting close to Maria's bed and singing her lullabies when she faced difficulties while sleeping.

A month later, their health restored. Miss. Maria was getting ready to be discharged from the hospital, when a nurse hit upon her and told her about the kidney transplant. Curious enough to know the name of the donor, Miss. Maria tried introspecting the name of the donor, but couldn't find a prominent answer. With a freckled face and some furrows of doubts on forehead, Maria approached Mr. Jose who was completing some formalities at the reception. She touched his back and said, "Jose, I don't know who donated me a kidney". Jose turned back, knelt on his knees and raised the solitaire in his hand towards Maria. Jose uttered while Maria was set back in confused jubilation, "Dear Maria, your blind love for my blind accident didn't turn down, even after the accident. I am in debt of your greatness and no riches of mine will ever be able to compensate your loss. But not as compensation but as commemoration, I offer your my one left kidney, my heart, my brain, my lungs, my intestines, my stomach, my breathes and this petty ring. Make me yours forever. All I need in return is just your smile and only your smile". Gawked by Mr. Jose's words, Miss. Maria nodded her head into a YES and extended her ring finger.

Mr. Jose carefully aimed the ring into the middle finger and the entire hospital staff celebrated the moment with whistling cheers and big rounds of applause. Miss Maria, pulled Mr. Jose up from his knees and the two hugged each other tight, while Mr. Jose lifted Maria up in the air. Miss. Maria folded her floating legs and they directly headed to the church for the marriage.

In the last minutes, all the relevant preparations were made. The two exchanged vows and kisses in the name of the holy Christ. The marriage commenced from and ended into a fairy tale. Except for one thing which Maria missed out, Mr. Jose's survival with one kidney was almost impossible and he was left with few months of his beautiful days of marriage.

Now in the Highlands, beyond the curbs of social stigmas, Mr and Mrs. Silva were spending the exuberant days of their lives. The day used to start with morning kisses, a bed tea by Mr. Jose, relaxing shower by Mrs. Maria and sun-baths with novels in hands. From sun-kiss to moonlight embrace, the two magnets never separated. With the days rolling into another month, Mr. Jose lost consciousness during bed tea preparations. Mrs. Maria called in for doctors, who disappointed her with the statement, "Mr. Jose has been suffering from some chronic kidney disease since the time of kidney transplant. At this stage, we contrite for being not able to help him. He is living the last days of his life. Try fulfilling all his wishes before it gets too late".

Maria flew off the handle, hearing this and prayed to Lord, "Was this happiness bestowed to me in return of my good deeds? Happiness of just 2 months!". Maria dropped on her kneels in despondence, holding her head high, seeking for some remuneration from Lord. But none came to her rescue. Mr. Jose died after a week of the disease diagnosis. Maria didn't inform the relatives and friends of his disease or death. She decided not to bury Mr. Jose. She preserved his body for a month, using all sorts of chemicals and hugged it tight throughout the day, carrying it wherever she went. She fed the body with food, drenched it in body to cleanse it thoroughly and continued with love-making at lonely nights. Months passed by and the body started decomposing till it finally transformed into a skeleton.

Even today, Mrs. Maria is married to that skeleton. She did never let Mr. Jose go both mentally and physically far from her.

Crazy Love and Lousy Lust.......Isn't it?

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