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Motivation to be alive

Updated: Mar 17, 2019

At unexpected moments,

I feel a joy so fierce.

It vibrates through my being,

And almost seems to pierce.

My humble heart that trembles,

Like a leaf upon the wind.

And I dimly grasp the meaning of

God's gift of LIFE, to men.

There lies beneath the surface,

So much we cannot see.

It takes years to discover,

Our true identity.

How many weary miles our feet,

Must trod before we find.

A measure of contentment,

And a bit of peace of mind.

But life's a lot more simple,

Than most of us believe,

And it is true that what one gives,

Is what one shall receive.

It all depends on where you look,

The things that you will find.

Everyday is new, so leave,

The bitterness behind.

To really be alive takes more

Than breathing in and out.

FAITH and HOPE and LOVE are things,

We cannot do without.

What matter if our earthly ties,

Are such that time can serve.

For God has promised to us all,

......The soul goes on forever.

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1 Comment

Anil Mothe
Anil Mothe
Feb 28, 2018

Let the gods decide who finds the sweetest thrill

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