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The Art of getting used to....

From inhospitable deserts to shifting ice sheets, everyone is dancing on the tunes of "Getting used to it". Hold on! It's no new song from the album of your famous rockstar. Its the symphony of life which is nudging our cochleas since time immemorial. The symphony of "Getting Used to". So, Is it like, getting used to is the new definition of happiness? Are you living life by choice or by acceptance? Or your choice is your acceptance!

How about playing counterstrike in everyday life? You usually play in your PS4 or video games to ease out the stress of acceptance. Isn't it? Now who is to decide if you should get used to crashing out every-time? The answer is "you". Things which can't be changed are exceptions but things which are voluntary in nature, of course needs your attention. You ought not to "get used to it". The good things of life are coming your way and you are blocking them with this habit of "getting used to". The fairy emotions like inspiration, peace, beauty, joy, excitement, determination are blocked by the trepidation of some devil emotions like anxiety, stress, anger, fear, frustration, etc.

Ask yourself? What is your happiness? Delve in to a self introspection and let that child run through your veins, resurrecting your true self. And you shall realize, "getting used to" is not the answer. Your happiness is not a journey from Sorrow to Happiness, but from Happiness to true Happiness. "Getting used to" is a bridge which you once cross, turns your sorrows into strangulating happiness or to be precise pseudo happiness. A smile which is your mask to the inner turmoil. You need no bridge to reach your true Happiness. It's all delusional. If your true happiness is worth, fight for it restlessly.

Fighting your true self won't reveal the bad side of you. It will help changing yourself. Change yourself to make yourself happy and not to others around you. The day you start having a tough row to hoe, you will start appreciating the real you inside you. The day you start appreciating yourself, that day you will start appreciating others without judging them. Things will be perfect on a roll.

If it doesn't work even after your consistent perseverance, don't lose hope and say, "I got to get used to it now". No! No way. This is not the correct way of acceptance. If you want to accept, accept the lessons you learnt after giving your more than 100%. But don't "get used to it". Changes are inevitable, changes can happen anytime. However, it doesn't mean at all that you will give up, in the long wait. If it's not happening in the present, move onto something else which needs your obstinacy of "not getting used to". Be aware of what is happening around.

Being in a battlefield for long doesn't mean, peace would never knock your doors. Yes, it will. All you need to do is to take your time and stop being in rush. Don't think of your past. Don't even think of what is coming up. Just act in the heat of the moment without judging and comparing. Listen to yourself, feel yourself and see yourself and it's all sorted out.

The battle is of fractions of seconds, but our habit of "getting used to" drags it to eternity.

"Getting used to" are your Pokemon catches on the canvas of your life. Try catching them and turn them into "Things should get used to you".

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