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The last breath of a blue baby with blue eyes.

It is said that those who have blue eyes are blessed with the power of endurance. They can tolerate more pain and discomfort compared to the other eye colors.

When we talk about pain, it can transpire anyone. Be it a child, a teenage, an adult, or an old. What is important here is to feel the pain of this family with a close insight?

The eyes we are talking about are of that blue baby who suffered an after-birth abortion. The incident dates back to January, 2009, in Shanghai city of China. Mrs. Wang Shu shifted in the city just a week before with a loving husband and a doll like Yu-Yan. Yu-Yan is just an year old.

China's estimated population in 2009 was 133.13 crores, followed by India with a population of 121.43 crores. The china's one child policy was also in a stern swing during those days. It was only at the inception of 2016, China lifted it's one-child policy. One of the main reasons of shifting to Shanghai from Beijing was to stabilize the financial conditions of the Shu family. Shanghai being the global financial hub provided a lot better opportunities to the Shu family. Mr. Shu is a investment banker most of the times busy with his routine tours while Mrs. Shu is a fashion designer. The couple hardly could spare time for each other with such engrossed lifestyle.

The silver lining in their lives is Yu-Yan. She is the apple-pie for both of them. Mrs. Shu is taking good care of her daughter and she never forgets to look after her even during her most busy hours. She makes sure of caring her beloved to where-ever she goes. While, Yu-Yan at such a tender stage understands that her mother also needs to focus on work. She is a very quite and comprehensive child.

One fine evening, when the temperatures were dropping to nearly freezing, Mr. Shu surprised Mrs. Wang with a trip ticket to Toronto. Her happiness knew no bounds, after all she was going on a vacation to Toronto for almost 10 months. Mr. Shu was actually going to the client site but he had all the liberty to work as per his conveniences since the business was already settled in Toronto. Mrs. Shu have had her deep faiths in Yu-Huang (a chinese god) and all these years she had been praying for some quality time with her husband. And finally her wish was fulfilled.

That night, the couple took an off from work and called in for a baby-sitter to take care of Yu-Yan. Though, Mrs. Wang was not nearly convinced with dropping her daughter back home while she spends some cozy moments with her husband. But somehow, Mr. Shu successfully persuaded her. The two left Yu-Yan home with a baby sitter, making their way to "The Peninsula Shanghai", a 7 star dining establishment. With a glass of wine, that chilly night, the two wanted to get lost in each other's eyes, desiring to establish a willow in the pursuit of their love.

"It was the best evening of the decade. Thank you Shu. I love you", uttered Mrs. Wang and the tears rolled down her cheeks. Mr. Shu, lifted her chin, wiped up her tears and kissed her luscious lips without uttering a word. Seems like his eyes said it all. They hugged each other tightly and decided to return back home. Mrs. Wang, safely confiscated of one of the arms of Mr. Shu, resting her beautifully decorated head on it. Mr. Shu, smiled and managed driving his car with one hand, tweaking between the steering and the gears. The two returned home and were happy to know that Yu-Yan too had a peaceful evening and she is dreaming of stars and all the beautiful heavenly miracles.

The night was quite and the sheen of love was at it's epitome. Mr. and Mrs. Shu felt that urge of collapsing into each other and forgetting the hassles of everyday life. The whimsical connection between souls turned that cold night into a fiery one.

Few hours later, the morning lights peeped in through the un-covered window panes, glorifying the ecstasy of zest which overflowed last night. Yu-Yan cries were the only wake-up call which could stir them up. Mrs. Wang gathered her belongings and within a minutes landed close to Yu-Yan's bed. "Finally, the day has arrived and we are leaving to Toronto", she uttered joyously.

The Shu family left Shanghai and reached Toronto, making the best out of their times, when Mrs. Shu astonished Mr. Shu with the news of her pregnancy. Both of them were very happy about it. "Yu-Yan you will very soon be accompanied with a sibling", exclaimed Mr. Shu. Time passed by and they kept on nurturing the baby in the womb.

"Wait! we are heading back to China in other one month, and China is very rigid with it's one child policy. We already have Yu-Yan, how can we even plan for the other one?", said Mr. Shu with a baffling expression. Mrs. Wang eventually drowned in the pool of sorrow and regret turning sick day by day. Mr. Shu's troubles were at it's genesis. Mrs. Wang got admitted in a hospital and the doctor suggested not to abort the baby, else the two lives would be sacrificed in the adversity of time. Alas! It was time to return back to China. The company in which Mr. Shu was working called off his tour for an urgent work at Shanghai.

The 9 months pregnant Mrs. Wang disappointedly headed back to China with Yu-Yan and Mr. Shu. The moment they landed in China, the turmoils of labour pain, started troubling Mrs. Wang. The ambulance flashed within no time and Mrs. Wang gave birth to a beautiful baby girl with blue eyes.

The Shu family didn't know how to react at this news. They tried to be happy but their happiness was soon withdrawn when the hospital checked the records of Shu family and found that the newbie is the second child. The doctor carrying the child in her hand said, "I am sorry Mr. Shu, I have to request you to handover this child to us. We are bound by the one-child policy and as per the guidelines, we have to execute this baby."

The blinks of those blue eyes were so mesmerizing that even the hospital administration mustered tons of courage to seize the life of that blue baby.

Today, Yu-Yan is 10 years old and no single day of the Shu family goes without remembering the blinks of those blue eyes.

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