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The Lucid Lust and Lousy Love.

3 Stories----Decide if it's lousy love or lucid lust.

11 people in love or lust?
What do you think the above picture represents? Love? Well watch it close! Lust? Wanna re-visit the picture? Check, till you reach a conclusion. Now don't say 11 people together can fall in lust and not in love, but What if I say, No!? Even 11 people together can love each other. Let's decipher three small stories and try reaching a conclusion.

Two childhood friends in California countryside, Rick and Sierra held hands once, when they were 10 years old. The friendship slowly transformed into teenage love. From the teenage love to adolescent love and they finally decided to tie knots. Both the families nodded their consent on this decision and everyone out their was celebrating this happiness. Sierra was a sassy girl while Rick was short tempered. Despite of tremendous indifferences in their natures, they had the symphony of affection and respect for each other connecting them. Both eloquent in their demeanors decided to celebrate Halloween night with all the friends. Sierra dressed up into a seductive man-eater (Vampire), while Rick was in a brand new look of Dracula, a never ever seen Dracula with red hair and yellow tongue. The friends around too attired in the funniest halloweens. Exchange of scary roars with kisses were at hand while the ambience started turning obscene. The love birds lip locked, holding each other tight, the passion was in the heat as the ticks of the clock advanced. Rick and Sierra too held hands driven by the ambience and drew closer to each other. The intense love was sparkling in the hallowed pair of eyes. Soon, the California streets turned out to be a Paris of lovers. Every nook and corner of the street was filled with affection. Some had the pleasure of enjoying the company of their lovers while some were engrossed in fathoming the lust of love. The two closed their eyes and delved in the chocolaty feeling of savoring the pink petals of skin.

The lips were almost in vacuum, when Sierra gave up saying that she feels un-comfortable and she wishes to retire back to bed. Rick gave another try, ignoring the words and pulled Sierra close to her. Sierra, this time smiled, zipped his lips with her fingers and said, "No! Rick, I don't really feel well. I think we should stop. We are getting married in just 1 month and I love you".

Rick stopped in jostle and with a sigh of despondence, he controlled his emotions. After all he never looked upon any other girl for his physical needs, Sierra was, is and will always be the one he would be looking forward for anything. Sierra's parents were out to San-Fransisco that night, as her younger sister was graduating the next day. Sierra had other commitments at work and hence, she was sorry for not being able to attend her sister's graduation. Things started settling up, people started retiring back to houses. Rick hugged his girl and escorted her to the car saying, "I will drop you home. Don't worry. You must be tired". Sierra smiled in repose. "Oh! I forgot my keys at the cake table. I will be right back", saying this Rick, left Sierra and headed for the keys hunt. Sierra rested back, reclining to the left door of the car with closed eyes and crossed arms. And with closed eyes, she smiled in joy, fantasizing her new wedding dress. That night, she was living the excitement of her wedding. "She entered the church with her hand in her father's, dressed in an enchanting white dress. Rick waiting impatiently for her. She crosses the spectators and witnesses, reaching the dais, her father carefully bestowing her hand into Rick's. They exchanged vows in the name of the holy Christ and the priest spoke, "You may now kiss the bride". Rick held her waist, while Sierra wrapped her arms around his shoulder. The two advanced closer to kiss" and Rick shattered her moonlight dream saying, "Hey! Sweety, I am back. Wake up. I just can't imagine sleeping like that. What if? Somebody might have kidnapped my sweet heart. What would have I been left with? You gotta be careful for me, Sweety. Please, Will you be? Sierra hugged Rick tight saying, "Yes! Yes! Yes!".

Rick took her hand, walked her to the pillion seat, secured her door and moved to start the ignition. Sierra rested her forehead on Rick's shoulder, while Rick drove her home. In no time, Sierra fell asleep. After 45 minutes of drive, Rick finally drove to Sierra's house. He hustled Sierra saying, "Wake up! Sweety, We are home". But Sierra was lost in some starry dreams, so Rick walked out of the car. Pulled open the door of her side, and carried her in his arms carefully out of the car and finally to her bed room. He positioned her carefully in the center of her bed, getting all the cushions around to safeguard her. Rick kissed her forehead and bade her a dreamy bye. Rick was walking out of the room, when his heart throbbed and looked back at Sierra, jeering, "You can't do this to me Sierra. How can you do this to me? How can you rest in peace, leaving me restless out here. No! You have to abide by me". Rick walked to Sierra's bed, held forced her arms tight, indulging into her into forcible violations. Sierra screamed in pangs and tears were welling out. Rick turned deaf to her screams and dumb to her repeated questions, "What's wrong with you Rick? Why are you doing this?

It all ended in a rough hostility. Sierra bathed in blood after which Rick bathed in Bastille. Rick Jonson was charged with the rape of Sierra Gray. Sierra never married Rick but the guilt of being in love with her rapist still vex her. Rick, who is now out of Jail still hates himself for being so cruel to Sierra, despite being in love. Yes he loved her but the lust got so intensified that it overshadowed the love.

For the other two appalling stories, stay tuned.
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