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Those Fucks I have not given, made the difference.

Art of living, teaches us the way to live. But in reality, there is no way of living. All we need to do is to stop fucking around, and life becomes simple.

In-fact, living life is not an art but not giving a fuck falls under the category of wily art. "Don't go around finding luck, try not giving a fuck", life would be super-easy. Turn your adversity into a fuck-worthy adversity, because people who don't mind their business are not always interested in others business. It's just that their businesses are not worthy of minding and hence others businesses turn to be the nicest one. There are plethora of examples around us, who didn't give a fuck and went on accomplishing astounding feats. A time comes in everyone's life, when one simply doesn't give a fuck and excel to some extraordinary heights.

"Je ne le baise pas". I don't even know, what this statement in french means and I don't give it a fuck. So, let's just get along with it. The struggle of life increases by giving too many fucks in the fucking situations, where fuck doesn't even deserve to be. We give a fuck about the unending traffic quest. We give a fuck about the people wearing the weirdest dresses. We give a fuck about people who aren't even eligible to lead the country. We give a fuck about the neighbors' growing riches.

We float in happiness and smiles stays intact round the clock, when we give fuck about everything happening around us. But while giving fuck about almost everything around us, we fail to realize that life is already fucking us up. Rejections turn into acceptance, while failure turns into success, when we learn to give our fucks only in the most fuck-worthy situations. Happy go fucking easy life comes only with consciously-directed fucks. We are born not giving fucks but we are raised giving plethora of fucks. Ever seen a child cribbing over a distorted hat. No Right? If yes, Fuck that child.

The side-notes and distractions are the main suckers of life. One who gets stuck in the mean trivialities of life gets sucked the fuck out of it. Gather your priceless fucks and start becoming comfortable with being different. People often are misguided by the power of fuck as cozy serene indifference to everything and everyone. It's often interpreted as calmness that eats up all the storm. Here is the illustration-

"Walking down the street at 1:00 am night, we were ran by two eve-teasers, throwing rubbish comments on my friend. Had I been indifferent. I would have ignored it and asked her to board a cab and would have left for home".

Instead, I was disgruntled. I said, "Priya, Screw this man right away. We are going to the police station and fuck this asshole". You know why? Because I don't give a fuck, to the consequences of this action. I am not scared of repercussions and I am totally comfortable in being different. Who is admirable here? Me? No, stupid. It's the overcoming fucking adversity. I stared in the face of the failure and shoved my middle finger back into it. People who don't give a fuck about adversity, failure, defeat, embarrassment, lose of pride and needs, are the one who say, "Fuck the unimportant things of life", reserving their fucks for the truly fucking matters. Those who are brave are rewarded by the people who fucking care about them.

Spend your fucks wisely. Don't spend them on the TV soaps, or on the low performance of your phone battery, or on the recent picture of your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend. Fuck doesn't grows on trees. Earn your fucks and spend them wisely, as the number is limited in one lifetime. Cultivate your fucks in the prosperous fucking garden. If you fuck shit up or fuck up the garden. The fuck gets fucked up, fucking the lot of your fucks all the fuck up.

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