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Which of the Witches?

Do you believe in witch and witchery? Well! you must be wondering about the childhood stories where a witch would fly to you on a broomstick, cooking some magic potion in it's witch-crafted hut.

The taciturn witches are countless in numbers. From all walks of life, there are millions of witchcraft followers across the globe even today in 21st century. Needless to say, plethora of people with different prowess of witchcraft can be categorized into different witch groups. However, it's not obligatory that you disclose your secret witch kind. Be it any religion or any believe, witchery would prevail till the extreme of humanity. Read through and identify your genus. Ah! one more addition before we walk through the diversity, not just women, even men are accredited with witch-craft.

Alexandrian Witch

Alex Sander a stern follower of Gardnerian witch tradition happened to experiment with a new form of witch-craft namely Alexandrain Witch-craft. Witches of this cadre, inclusive of male and female practiced ceremonial magic and Qabalah. Three levels of witch craft are practiced here, where the final stage leads to the initiation of the magic. Do you silently practice the ceremonial magic in your parking lot or in your store room. Ripples of memoirs! Isn't it. SSSSHHHHHHH..............Keep it a secret, like you did till date.


Augury Witch

Have you ever been on a spiritual journey and been obsessed with the spiritual signs. Fret not! because you know it all. Just wanna break free your human demeanor after reading this and step back into your secret world of witchery to identify if you are treading the right path. You know it all. Isn't it? For those who are looking around for a future foreteller, please don't get confused with these Augury witches in your neighborhood. They are a interpreters and a connecting hood between the cosmic forces (sounds mysterious :() and the person on a spiritual quest.


Ceremonial Witches

Book of Shadows, authored by a ceremonial witch is the one which you keep handy. Isn't it. After all being a ceremonial witch you ought to follow the rituals and ceremonies while executing your witch-craft. The lore doesn't end here. In 21st century, quantum mysticism and scared mathematism are consumed to practice this witchery and quench the thirst of knowledge on magic. You can manifest the kind of energy you wish to. So next time you strike a recognized spiritual entity, try manifesting your power. And you are not alone, we are watching you. Egyptian magic is the foundation of Ceremonial witch-craft.


Dianic Witches dance formation

Good feminine witches of Dianic wicca believes in gender singularity. Ardent worshipper of God, we know you are a true witch. Worshipping through all the three aspects of Maiden, Mother and Crone, relishes the beauty of this witch-craft. However, In 1950, the thoughts on feminism advanced to masculist as well, where the males were allowed to attain equal status as of women. Strange! the reverse happens in 21st century, female are not allowed to attain equal status as men at lot many places. Looking forward to your stage show on the television some day soon.


A druid Witch

Still the guardians of the ancient laws, Druids can practice judgement over others. Led by the spiritual vision of life, we are sure you don't have to mug up any secret texts or dogmas. Life is quite simple and is in magic flow. Isn't it? You are a penchant nature lover and so you worship nature, keeping yourself engaged in prayers, meditation and ceremony. Well! In 21st century I pray that your population multiplies so that we can save on our mother nature. Durids believe in the system of parallel universe which they often address as "World that exists but can not be perceived".


The electric WItch

No certain religion and no practices but a big yes to engage in your own higher-self and be the mentor of your magic. That means the most creative people of this earth fall into this category. Bingo! I realized I am an electric witch and my creativity is evident. Gotcha!


Faery Witch

Inculcating own practices and ceremonies based on the observations, Faery witches are sisters to electric witches. They are reserved kind of witches, who have a word of mouth only with their Faery folk or with the nature. So, next time you find a reserved and introvert person. Stay confirmed that he/she is a Faery witch. All the best!!

Gardenerian Witch

Most disciplined of all and a religious follower of the pre-defined Gardenerian school of witch-craft, you love to walk by the structure of systems. Easy to practice if all the layered structures are treaded on the heels in the most polite manner. People who share a strong chemistry with nature (Botanist most practically), engage in colorful rituals (the sacred beings) and challenge social and religious conventions (Outlaw and vigilante) fall under this category of witches. One thing to bear in mind is you don't transform into a Gardenerian on your own, the process is to be initiated by some one else. More and more knowledge enhances your witch-craft skill.

:( You didn't fall in any of these categories. Don't be downhearted or dejected, we are left with 7 categories more. Till then stay tuned and identify the witches near you.

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