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Who won? Lousy Lust or Lucid Love?

Updated: Jul 16, 2018

This 1 last Story is your one last chance-------Decide in the heat of the moment............

An X into an O

The cross hands of this girl (depicted in the picture) within the circled hands of the boy represents, "As Above, So Below! As Below, So Above". This means spirit is imprisoned in the matter of the physical body. To experience spirit, one is to experience matter and to experience matter, one is to experience spirit.

Boggled! :( So, am I. But this story will help us, understanding the depth of this cross in a circle.

Akash, 15, lived in one of the poorest city of India, Bhalswa Slum Delhi, with her beloved sister, who turned 22 just a day back. Dhruvi is her name and she is one of meritorious girl of the slum, after-all she was awarded the third, amongst all the other thousand children below poverty line, for higher education in University of Delhi. Parents are big time proud of their daughter and wished to get her married to a descent lower middle class family as soon as she completes her studies. "Just 6 more months and Dhruvi would be the first graduate of the slum", Akash exclaimed in joy with twinkling eyes. His twinkling eyes reflected his ardent love and affection for his sister. She was a real motivation to him and Akash had decided to follow her footsteps. Akash was studious too like his sister but missed out the scholarship this time due to a careless mistake in the exam. "I would crack it this time, Dhruvi. You just wait and watch", Akash proclaimed in between the family dining. The rest three, Dhruvi, Mr and Mrs. Kabadiwala grinned at him. "Eat fast, you gotta reach school early for the examination", Mrs. Kabadiwala jeered.

The place where the supper was served, was cleaned by a wet cloth. It's time to sleep, Akash announced. The family was constrained within a 100 square foot area surrounded by four-sided mud walls and a thatch of straw at the top through which the bare sky peeped in. The penetrating sun-light in the form of spectrum through thatch and the grunting of the stranded pigs served as the wake up call for the family. Every morning, Mr. and Mrs. Kabadiwala would get up and walk to the roads to pick up the dry and bottled wastes, while the two children prepared for the their schools and colleges respectively. Akash used to responsibly drop his sister to college, escorting her in the bus and then left for his school. One fine day, unusual of the daily routine, Dhruvi commanded Akash, "I shall reach college on my own today, Why don't you leave for your school?". "But Dhruvi, How will you manage? I mean, you are so scared to travel in buses alone", Akash replied with furrows of doubt on his forehead.

"I will manage. I am elder to you and I can take care of myself. You better mind your own business", Dhruvi spoke in agitation. Akash abided by her words but sniffed something fishy. That day he left for the school, while Dhruvi stayed back home as if she was waiting for someone. This happened the second day as well. To get into the findings of what messy was strangling around, Akash stayed back at a nearby temple to watch suspicious Dhruvi close. "What? Whose this man? That too in a four wheeler. And wait, Dhruvi hugged him. He opened the door for her and she just smiled and got into the car. The car disappeared in a flash. What the hell! What's going on?", Akash bombarded questioned on himself in astonishment and fear. He stayed back home that day and when Dhruvi returned stepping inside the petite space, he held her right wrist tight asking, "Who was he?" Mr. and Mrs. Kabadiwala insisted Akash to leave his sister's wrist, but his anger was at the peak. He turned deaf to all the commandments and paired his eyes with Dhruvi's. Dhruvi jerked her eyelashes hinting, "I shall tell you everything. Just leave my hand for now and don't create scenes in-front of mom and dad".

Akash, with the clouds of vexation, hovering in his eyes, twitched Dhruvi's hand. Mr. and Mrs. Kabadiwala were dreading the episode. Everyone went back to sleep. Dhruvi with her eyes wide open was glancing through a little orifice on the straw roof. The sky was her canvas and her starry imaginations got wings. Her very own house in a prime urban location, with the man of her dreams. What else she could have dreamt about? She was soaring high on imaginations, when Akash quashed her wings, appearing right in front of her eyes and bleating, "Don't you think that you should tell me now?" Dhruvi took a deep breath, drew herself back from her imaginations and rolled up her legs, sitting in an upright position. Akash sat close to her in a way that the conversations doesn't strike the earholes of Mr. and Mrs. Kabadiwala. A deep silence prevailed for a minute. Akash and Dhruvi broke the silence speaking in sync, "Please!". And there was another pause for seconds. Dhruvi continued, "Akash! Please don't judge me. This guy is not as you think. He loves me more than his life. We have been seeing each other for almost an year. I love him too". Akash interrupted, "More than us?". She replied, "No, Kiddo.....Not at all. You people are my priced possessions. I can't even imagine of leaving you people". Akash questioned, "Then why him? Have thought about mom and dad?". Dhruvi covered up holding Akash's hand firmly and saying, "You just support me and our lives will change entirely".

Akash nodded and replied with a tight grip gesture on to his sister's hand. He wanted to warn her, but his sister's happiness turned him numb and blind. The very next morning before leaving for college and school, Dhruvi and Akash asked for couple of minutes of their parents for some important deliberation. Mr. and Mrs. Kabadiwala were surprised to see the curiosity of their children. Mrs. Kabadiwala uttered, "Do you kids need some money for your institutions? We don't have any as of now. But give us some time, will arrange something for you". Both the parents with freckled faces, stared the kids. Dhruvi took all the courage and spoke, "Mother it's not about the money. It's about someone I want you two to meet." Both the parents again stared in astonishment. Mr. Kabadiwala questioned, "Who?". Dhruvi replied, "Someone I love". Mr. and Mrs. Kabadiwala stepped close to their girl. The girl swayed her head down. Mrs. Kabadiwala, held her chin and moved it up, enquiring, "What's wrong Dhruvi?".

Dhruvi replied again, "I love this guy from college since last one year. His name is Anoop. Why don't you meet him once? He belongs to a super rich family and our lives will be transformed". Trembled by her words, Mrs. Kabadiwala, broke into tears, sobbing, "Dhruvi, Beta! You don't know these rich people. They don't love us. They just use us. We are born to be their slaves. Don't play with fire. Stay down to earth and I won't let you get consumed in the selfish intents of that man". Dhruvi shouted, "If you don't agree to this, I shall elope with him. i just wanted your blessings. Seems like you don't even want to give that to me. No worries, he is waiting for me outside. I am leaving. You just take care of yourselves". The three people she left behind kept on calling her name till the time she stepped into Anoop's car, waiting right outside her broken house. Except few waste papers flying in the air with the descend of car, a numb and creepy silence was left behind. The poor mother fell unconscious on the ground, while the son and husband gave her refuge. And after that day, Dhruvi didn't return back.

It's been two months now. Akash succeeded to grab the scholarship this time. The jubilation went cold in the absence of Dhruvi, but still Mr. and Mrs. Kabadiwala were happy for this accomplishment of their son. That happiness wasn't a full-fledged one as tears welled up in Akash's eyes saying, "Dhruvi, must have also been big time proud on me. But today she is not here with us". The day was a real treat. Mr. and Mrs. Kabadiwala were offered a contract work which was paying them triple of what they were earning. So, they left in the afternoon to meet the contractor. While Akash, rested back at home, reading through some scrap magazines, his father brought for him. Some hustles and rustles grabbed his attention, and he turned the sight of inclination to left, to check who is the visitor. "Dhruvi, Is it you? What's wrong with you? Why are you weeping? Why are your clothes torn and tattered?", Akash jumped in sore excitement. Dhruvi broke into tears and hugged her brother tight bleating. "Akash, you were right. He wasn't the man of my dreams. He raped me and bullied me every-time. He treated me like an animal. I escaped his atrocious clutches and ran to my family. Help me." Akash consoled her saying, "Don't worry! I will protect you. Will lodge a case against him. You just sit back and relax. Mom dad will be really happy to see you".

Late evening, the parents arrived and were taken by surprise to see Dhruvi back. Her tattered clothes and wounded face, narrated the story. Mrs. Kabadiwala uttered, "Why are you back? There is no space for you here. That was your decision and now you have to suffer consequences. The society won't let us live. Just go, where you came from". Dhruvi tried to explain but was interrupted by Mr. Kabadiwala,"Dhruvi, I beg you, please leave. We have no place for you". Before Akash could say something, Dhruvi ran out of the house and in that terrible hurry, she struck a moving truck. Dhruvi kissed death and left all her pains and sufferings on earth with her abode to heaven. Akash was stabbed deep, with such a ruthless accidental death of his sister. Akash wept for hours holding his sister close to his chest and blamed himself somewhere for not being able to help her.

The news spread like a wild fire. Everyone in Akash's school and neighborhood knew about his sister's tragic death by the time. But most of them accounted her lust to which she fell prey. Akash was teased everyday in the name of his sister, voices of his sister being a traitor, a prostitute, echoed in his ears for months which turned into years. Akash finally grew up into a man with which things changed. Now his family doesn't live in a slum. Akash was hired by a top MNC for his un-deniable and affluent skills. The MNC took the responsibility of his graduation and payed him handsome wage. But those dreadful voices and pin-pointing fingers raised on the character of his sister, never seem to went off his mind. He developed a sort of judgemental hatred towards people he met, specially girls. His only question to himself was, "How could a girl speak wrong against a girl?" But to his dismay, the maximum finger raisers were by the girls he knew.

Akash went bananas, listening to girls judging his sister every now and then, even in his early professional life. After years of analysis and research, he decided to punish those who couldn't understand the situation of his sister in his very own way. Today, when Akash meets any random girl, he describes the tragic story of his sister and questions her at the end, "What do you think? Was she right? or Was she wrong?" If the girl takes a pessimistic approach, Akash makes sure that that girl doesn't live longer than a day. He calls them in his studio apartment, provided by the company for his technological experimentations and slit their throats. While those who speak in affirmation, gets their life in rewards. Akash is 34 year old successful, technocrat who has slit some 34 throats till date and the hunt is still on.

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