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Why is love draped in Red??

Have you ever thought why is love always portrayed and sketched in red? Well you want to see some lucid examples in order to refresh the forgotten visuals, here it is:

Love is red in color or is it a red flag. For most of us it's kind of complicated. Isn't it?

We all know that red is a very emotionally intense color and very highly visible too. So, again we are stuck on the fact that is it because we are taught about the colors in our very tender age, which binds love and heart with red. Or there is something else we never dig deep into. RED, some historians believe, was the first color to be used in pre-historic era. The primitive Egyptians started painting their faces red in ceremonies, also coloring their bodies red to celebrate victory. SO, IS IT BECAUSE OF VICTORY CELEBRATIONS, WE PAINT LOVE IN RED? DO WE REALLY FEEL LIKE WINNERS IN LOVE?

RED is also the color of revolution. Post Bolshevik revolution, the Soviet Russia was the first one to adopt red flag in 1917, following which many other countries like China, Vietnam took the trail of red flag. An important point to note here is that most of the communists countries have incorporated red in their flags. SO, IS IT BECAUSE OF ENERGY, WAR, POWER, STRENGTH, DETERMINATION AND COURAGE, WE PAINT LOVE IN RED? DOES FALLING IN LOVE REALLY MAKES ONE FEEL LIKE A WARRIOR?

Now you can argue with the point that the color of blood is red, therefore we paint love in red. Agreed. But have you ever thought, what does blood signify? We can always correlate blood with sacrifice and danger. Moreover, peace and prosperity stands miles away from blood. Isn't it? SO, DOES THE BLOOD COLOR, RESULTANT OF CHEMICAL INTERACTION BETWEEN IRON AND OXYGEN, SIGNIFIES LOVE? DO WE REALLY FEEL LIKE SACRIFICING THINGS AND WISHES IN LOVE? DOES THAT MEAN LOVE IS DANGEROUS?

Besides for commercial purposes, red proves to be very productive and lucrative. Do you remember the "BUY NOW", "CLICK HERE", "DOWNLOAD", "HURRY" radio buttons pictured as big as possible on the Internet websites and banners. Have you ever spared a minute to think why is it so? Well, let me tell you. The human instinct is very well provoked by red color. RED color stimulates people to make decisions in a jiffy, of course without giving it a second thought. Interestingly the red lips, red nails and "lady in red" are also pumped up for advertising because it arouses the most erotic and sensuous feelings. Hallucinating Right? SO, CAN WE RELATE PAINTING LOVE IN RED WITH THE PROMPT CHOICES, ADVERTISEMENT AND EROTIC AROUSALS? DOES FALLING IN LOVE ONLY MEAN LUST AND THE HASTE TO REACH THAT EROTIC STATE?

WHAT DO YOU SAY, IF NOT RED WHICH COLOR SHOULD BE OPTED FOR LOVE?? Here is a silver lining and also a foreword to misconception.

A color which encompasses understanding between two people and allow them to visualize the potential value and goodness of each other. A color which on global level express healing, balance and good health. None other than GREEN is the one. And not only GREEN, any color which makes you feel fabulous and great with your loved ones, is the color of love.

Let's stand out of the league and recreate the definition of love. Love is not limited to just sexual energy, passion or romance. Love is the most sacred feeling and can be painted in any color of your choice. The only precaution should be taken that you respect and value the feelings of the person you are with, rest all comes secondary.

Now those colored hearts emoji on Whatsapp can always come handy. What's your color of love???

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1 commentaire

26 avr. 2018

This is Wonderful Vrinda ! Great Post :)

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